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Oct 27, 2016

Cityland Group, creators of the acclaimed Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden, officially announced their plans for a new, nature-inspired Cityland Mall.

Scheduled for launch in Q2 2018 with a connected access to Global Village, the single-level shopping complex will have 1.13 million sq.ft. of leasable space with a colossal green reserve at the mall’s core.

The well-rounded shopping ‘destination’ pioneers a new trend in family entertainment where superior retail experience meets ecological preservation, sustainable design, and interaction with nature.

Cityland Mall expects an annual footfall of up to 12 million visitors and will tap into the growing influx of tourists in the city.

Details of the Cityland Mall were announced today at a press conference attended by Sheikh Theyab bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chairman of Cityland Group.

Mr. Fahimuddin, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, Cityland Group, said: “We are delighted to reveal the details of Cityland Mall – a property that will carve a niche in the country’s bustling leisure and shopping sector. The mall guarantees an immersive experience for all members of the family, led by a strong selection of renowned fashion retailers, convenience store, cinema theatre and dining options that are both internationally reputed and locally popular. What sets Cityland Mall apart is an open-air botanical garden that forms the nucleus of the Mall – both literally within the mall architecture and symbolically, since it will be its hallmark attraction. Families, children and environment enthusiasts will be treated to an awe-inspiring assortment of floral specimens.”

Key attraction: A ‘Central Park’ in the desert

The expansive, 200,000 sq.ft. open-air garden, labelled ‘Central Park’, will be a testament to nature’s rich biodiversity showcased through unique attractions, such as: mini version of the famed Miracle Garden, a mini water park, 300-year old ancient tree garden, Japanese garden, 360-degree rooftop garden, and a cluster of restaurants and al fresco cafés overlooking its scenic beauty.

A 3,000-seat amphitheatre and a miniature amphitheatre for children will provide a dynamic platform for performing arts throughout the year, and foster a culture of community and learning amongst children in an inspired atmosphere.

A walking track along this open-air garden will position Cityland Mall as a one-of-its-kind destination where retail satisfaction seamlessly blends with health and wellness.

The green space will be strengthened by Cityland’s proven success in maintaining the Dubai Miracle Garden, where cutting-edge engineering and technology keep lush floras blooming across seasons. 

Mr. Abdel Naser Rahhal, Vice Chairman, Cityland Group, believes that the garden highlights the Group’s commitment to making Dubai a greener city: “This property furthers our legacy in championing green spaces that deliver meaningful entertainment and a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” said Mr. Rahhal. He added: “A central attraction within the mall, access to the park will be free of charge, and will ensure repeat visits owing to its invigorating environment that is carefully planned to cultivate a soulful experience. We are bucking the trend of visitors leaving the mall premises with only shopping bags. With Cityland Mall, they will also take home a part of nature and start the next day with rejuvenated spirit.”

Shopping, entertainment and quintessential dining

Cityland Mall’s unique interior will consist of six thematic pavilions; each displaying a distinct global culture and design style that turned into a mega destination with new theme parks and Global Village in close proximity. This is line with the trajectory of the city as it emerges a one-stop hub for unique shopping and entertainment for a global audience. We are enhancing the ecosystem of malls in the UAE by allowing nature to lead the experience, not only for aesthetics, but to provide a holistic engagement with their environment. With Cityland Mall, shopping aficionados, food connoisseurs, and fashionistas will relish a touch of ecology, nature, and overall well-being.”


Credits To The Emirates24/7

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