Film Crew Captures Heart Of Europe Mega-Development In Dubai

Dec 4, 2016

A workforce of more than 500, millions of tonnes of sand and steel, and $20 million palaces – everything about this development is huge.

Now, the incredible feat of engineering behind the Heart of Europe will be the subject of the Discovery Channel’s Impossible Builds programme.

The development on the World Islands off the coast of Dubai, has attracted interest from wealthy individuals at home and abroad.

Kleindienst’s Floating Seahorse Villas, the first of which has been completed, also feature in the Discovery Channel film.

The series will also feature the world’s thinnest skyscraper in New York and China’s Harbin Ice and Snow Amusement World.

Irene Antoniades, producer and series director, said: “We’re following the constructions of unique buildings around the world and the Heart of Europe is absolutely key. We’re following the construction of the seahorse and various buildings on the island because it’s something that’s never been done before.

“It’s the people behind the vision and how this is actually being fulfilled. It’s the sheer passion for the idea that pushes the boundaries. “It’s creating something which is very difficult to achieve construction-wise on a geographical location of sand and water, and it’s also a beautiful luxury and inspirational lifestyle.”

Filming in multiple locations across the six islands, the series focuses on the Germany and Sweden island’s fairytale ‘Sweden Palaces’.

These pictures from developer Kleindienst Group show just how the project is coming along, with elaborate villas with roofs in the shape of a Viking longboat being fitted into place.

Izu Nwachukwu, Manager of Creative Design at Kleindienst Group, said shipping materials out to the islands has been an elaborate process.

He said: “Building on land you can drive everything there on trucks, but when you’re building on an island everything has to go there by boat. The equipment has to be dismantled and then shipped up there and put back together – which can cause quite a challenge for the development team.”

Over on Switzerland, the developers are pushing the boat out even further. The developers plan to have the world’s first climate controlled streets, replicating Europe’s inclement weather.

David Miles, Director of Marketing & Business Development for Kleindienst said: “We are introducing outdoor climate controlled streets. The Outdoor Climate boulevard was designed by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute, one of the world’s leading environmental science research organisations, who have been developing this technology since 2008.”


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